Advance Your Business with a World-Class Trading Solution

We know that to grow a large client base, Asset Managers trading discretionary accounts require trading at competitive prices on cutting-edge platforms. 
Saxo Bank makes it possible for Asset Managers, Money Managers, Hedge Funds, Funds and Introducing Brokers with discretionary trading to execute trading strategies on our world-class online platform.

Focus on trading – let Saxo Bank do the rest.​​We cover everything from easy and quick client on-boarding to trade allocation, back-office reporting, administration and prime brokerage services. 
Get access to global markets and multiple asset classes including FX (Spot, Forwards, Vanilla and Binary Options), CFDs (Single Stock, Index-tracking, and Commodities), Stocks, Futures, ETFs and Contract Options. 
Work with an account executive from one of Saxo Bank's regional offices to make a customized trading solution. Our global footprint let us work with you in your language with an executive who understands your market.
Benefit from access to the liquidity that Saxo Bank aggregates from 10 Tier-1 banks. 
Fully licensed and regulated, Saxo Bank is a reliable and established provider in an officially regulated environment.
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Become a Saxo Bank Asset Manager Client

We can get you up and running faster than the industry average.​


    ​Cost-Effective Trading Solution

    The benefit of online trad​ing - pioneered by Saxo Bank - is our ability to offer a very cost-effective trading solution.

    Clients using Saxo Bank's industry leading tra​ding platforms save costs and benefit fr​om:     

    • Low exchange fees​
    • No platform fees
    • Free access to multiple news providers

    In some markets Saxo Bank offers better prices, commissions and trading conditions than those offered by many larger banks.

    In turn, your offering becomes more attractive for your customers.


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    ​Trade with Confidence

    ​Saxo Bank offers precise execution, so you can rely on trades being filled with optimal accuracy and low slippage rates.

    Third Party Verification – By reporting our CFD trades to Markit BOAT, the MiFID-compliant trade reporting platform, we contribute to providing non-listed CFD trading with the same transparency found in the trading of listed financial products.

    External Audit – "Saxo Bank delivers further transparency through regular external inspections by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). We are subject to stringent financial reporting requirements under EU directives." 
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    Algo Trading – Algo Trading covers the major stock exchanges in Europe and the US. We offer algo order types such as Iceberg, Reload, VWAP, Implementation Shortfall and US Pre-market Limit. In addition, we offer access to dark pools through our SmartDark order type.
    Smart Order Routing – Saxo Bank gives you access to Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) for added liquidity, such as Chi-X Europe, Turquoise and other dark pools.

    ​​Block Trading Simplified

    Execute Block Trading in a Single Click
    Our automated rules based 'Allocation Tool' allows you to easily

    place trades on behalf of multiple clients.

    Build up positions, have trades allocated as they are filled and be assured of the best execution across all clients.

    ​The tool is applicable across all products and it's managed directly by you.

    Manage Risk in Real Time
    Know that trades are covered as you place them by taking advantage of real time margin checks on each client account at execution.

    You can have block trade sizes reduced or cancelled if client accounts have insufficient funds.

    Margin pre-checks allow you to see the impact on clients' accounts before execution.

    Automated Allocation
    Adapt the system to you; save pre-defined rules and make allocation fully automated.
    You select the appropriate key and the system allocates the trade based on the rules you've defined.


    Easy Administration of Allocation Keys – Set up multiple keys for different trading strategies or client groups.

    ​Access a W​orld of Products and Markets

    Greater Flexibility with Cross-Margining
    Saxo Bank allows clients to use stocks as collateral for trading several asset classes. This allows cross margining, increasing flexibility in how you approach your trading strategy. We also allow margining across accounts, so you can use your cash positions in one account as collateral for trading in another.

    ​Saxo Bank connects Asset Managers to a global and ever-expanding range of capital market products.

    You can trade professional instruments – including ETOs, futures, cash products and contract options – on exchanges around the world, including emerging markets.



    More about products 



    Our real time margining system helps you effectively manage your margin use, so you can make the most out of your leveraged positions. 


    ​Powerful Trading Platform and Features

    ​Trade on SaxoTrader for Desktop, Saxo Bank's flagship platform offering optimal performance and speed along with high levels of customisation of workspaces.

    SaxoTrader is a thick client-application based on Microsoft technology, which you download and install on your desktop.


    Trade at your convenience
    You can access your trading account with the same login from multiple devices, enabling you to trade the financial markets at your convenience:

    • SaxoTrader for Web – a web-based trading platform not requiring download or installation
    • SaxoTrader for Mobile – mobile access from tablets and smartphones (requires Apple devices with iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3 and higher). 

    Advanced Platform Tools
    Benefit from a wide variety of advanced platform technical tools and features. On SaxoTrader you can:

    • Integrate all products in a single trade module for monitoring prices and for fast execution of trades. 
    • Search trading instruments. 
    • Place and manage orders directly from charts. 
    • Keep up to date on significant market events in major global economies and on news, information and analysis on the markets where you want to trade. 
    • Access tools and financial information to identify and analyse equity investment strategies, as well as to estimate and manage risk exposure. 
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    Technical Analysis with Superior Charting

    Benefit from sophisticated charting functionality in a user-friendly design. Manage orders directly in the chart, use comparative studies feature and annotation tools, amend technical indicators and much more.  
    In-Depth Fundamental Analysis  

    Use fundamental data, general company information and key financial ratios to make the right investment decisions for your portfolio of global CFDs and single stocks. 



    Discover global trading opportunities with personalized screening preferences. 






    Experience our Powerful Platforms

    Watch videos of SaxoTrader for Desktop, Web, Mobile and Tablet.


    SaxoTrader for Desktop​​ SaxoTrader for Web
    SaxoTrader for SmartPhone SaxoTrader for Tablet
    ​​Try the Instant Demo: Experience the power of our platforms right now with our instant demo account on SaxoTrader for Web. With a single click, you get access to trade a simulated account of EUR 100,000. No sign up required.
    Sign up for Demo: Sign up for a free demo account to experience Saxo Bank's full range of advanced technical tools and features across SaxoTrader for Desktop, Web and Mobile. 

    Customised Multi-Asset Liquidity Provision

    Asset Managers requiring liquidity at competitive spreads for existing or new asset classes will benefit from Saxo Bank's leading market presence and industry know-how.
    Our aim is to provide the continuously updated bespoke pricing that matches your API requirements based on frequency and ticket size across a vast range of assets.


    Read more about Saxo Direct - API with multi-asset liquidity from Saxo Bank 





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  • ​On-board Your Clients within 24 Hours

    Working with your choice of Prime Broker

    ​Your private clients can open an account and be ready for you to trade on their behalf within 24 hours.

    We've optimised our on-boarding process to make it quicker and easier to handle requis​ite paperwork and due diligence, including AML checks, MIFID classification and verific​ation of all documents.​

    Keep your cash and collateral with your own bank while benefitting from Saxo Bank's sophisticated trading functionality, liquidity and access to a broad range of markets and products.

    Our prime brokerage service establishes a credit document certifying that a prime brokerage is in place and allocating an agreed-to trading line, enabling you to trade on Saxo Bank's multi-asset platform. At the end of each day, your positions are netted out between your primary bank and Saxo Bank.

    ​​Operational Tools​ to Save Time and Money​

    Our emphasis on efficiency will help you save time and money. 

    Save on administrative resources and costs as we streamline and automate processes for handling reporting and monitoring of accounts, back office and risk management functions.

    With our 'Online WebConnect Tool', you can generate the reports required by authorities and regulators – as well as those delivered to clients – quickly and easily.



    Saxo Bank also runs several operational services on your behalf including:
    • Trade and position reconciliation
    • End of day files for back office and reporting systems
    • FX Rollovers
    • Transfer of securities free of payment
    • Financing interest on CFDs
    • Corporate actions processing
    • Market data services.

    The Trust and Security of Working with a Bank​

    Fee Structures that Fit Your Business Model​

    ​Saxo Bank A/S is a fully licensed Danish bank under the supervision of Finanstilsynet (the Danish FSA). 

    To balance credit risk posed by liquidity providers and financial brokers, Saxo Bank operates only with regulated counterparties who have the highest credit ratings.

    Saxo Bank's facilitation of client trading requires that accounts at all times have sufficient collateral - limiting Saxo bank's counterparty risk against clients significantly.

    The Bank's overall risk framework has been established by the Board of Directors.

    Read more about Saxo Bank 


    ​​We offer a number of fee structures, creating the right fit for your business model. 

    Fees are paid directly from your client's account to your designated commission account.

    Our fee structures include:

    • Funding fee - Calculated as a percentage of the amount transferred when the account is funded.
    • Management fee - Calculated as a percentage of the Assets under Management on a daily basis.
    • Performance fee - Calculated on the basis of the total trading profit. 

    Flexible Account Structures​

    Service and Support

    Within your omnibus account, you can set up sub-accounts for different trading purposes and strategies. For example, if you trade in different markets, you might choose to nominate accounts in different currencies to limit your currency exposure.

    Saxo Bank's trading platform allows you to easily switch between sub-accounts.​​​​

    Saxo Bank is committed to supporting your business by providing outstanding service and resources.


    Even before setting up a business relationship with us, you'll recognize the attentive approach we take to answering your questions and demonstrating how our solutions can be applied to meet your business needs. ​

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  • ​Transparent Reporting to Build Trust

    ​Make a powerful case for why Saxo Bank makes sense for your clients. Committed to transparency, we offer both you and your clients our WebConnect Tool to simplify reporting and notifications.

    ​​​Your clients benefit from your expertise whilst maintaining visibility into their portfolios. With view-only access for these end-clients, the system allows your clients to follow your trades, keep track of margins and gain confidence from seeing directly the results you're producing for them.

    ​Excellence in Execution​

    Clients can be sure that they're benefitting from optimal pricing and speed of execution with low slippage.

    Not only does our liquidity drive better prices – it does this on the broadest range of potential trades.​


    ​​Client-Friendly Fee Structure​

    The Value of Working with a Bank​​​

    Our flexible fee structure system supports the most common methods of management and performance fee calculation, and gives your clients the confidence of having these fees verified by a third party.

    Furthermore, fees calculated by us can be transferred automatically to your commission account, removing you and your client completely from the fee calculation and processing task.​

    ​Bring your clients to our Copenhagen headquarters to meet our team of professional traders and bankers, gaining first-hand knowledge of the quality and integrity of Saxo Bank.​

    As a fully licensed Danish bank, your clients can be confident that we work to the highest standards. With external oversight and regulatory compliance requirements, clients can be confident that their money (and trades) are in good hands.

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