Periodic Investment Report

Periodic Investment Report for to facilitate end client communication

Saxo Bank’s Periodic Investment Report provides your clients with a static view of their account performance in a PDF format. The report includes account overview, performance information and much more.

  • The periodic investment report provides a static snapshot of the account at either a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The report contains the following sections:
    • Account Summary – Total overview of the account during the requested period
    • Product Summary –  Gains and loses per product
    • Cash flow – Transactions that have affected your account during the period (contributions, withdrawals, fees, etc)
    • Performance – Based upon a time weighted methodology
    • Holdings – At the end of the period
    • Prices – At the end of the period
  • The Account Summary shows the following:

    • Account value at the beginning of the period
    • How much cash was contributed/withdrawn
    • Any security transfers in or out of the  account
    • How much money was made/lost
    • The trading costs (commissions)
    • The Fees charged by the Asset Manager
    • Account value at the end of the period


    The Product Summary shows how much money was made and the trading costs associated with a product.


  • The cash flow section shows all booking amounts to the account. This is rolled up per product for the period.